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The magic of this classic tale will come to life before your eyes! Be welcomed by a friendly conductor who will lead you to our holiday train station, where you can step in for special photo opts! Take a chance at a special Holiday bell game and enjoy the wonder of this special land! Make sure to get your holiday stamp from the conductor!




Let your holiday creativity come alive in this sweet holiday land! Join the Gingerbread Man as he welcomes you to his holiday city with fun photo opts and holiday craft stations with lots of different holiday keepsakes you can make and take home! Don’t forget your holiday cookies available to all those crafting! (holiday craft range from $1-$3 depending on your choice). Make sure to get a sweet holiday stamp!




Get ready to jump and slide through this festive land! Join Santa’s elves as they join in the recreational fun and games! Enjoy classic games and toys that will bring out the inner child in all! Bring you letter for Santa and drop it off in toy land or get special stationary from his elves to compose a letter! Letters can also be emailed to “Santa’s parent helpers”! Make sure you get a fun holiday stamp from the elves




Visit an enchanted land of snow and ice. Play snow man games for chances at fun holiday prizes. Make sure to get your photo opt with the enchanting Snow Queen who will welcome you into this world of magic. Hop of top of a winter reindeer for a fun holiday photo! Make sure to get your passport stamp and holiday signatures!




The mischievous and fun Grinch welcomes you to his fun and interactive holiday land. Join in on his wacky holiday games where you can play to win prizes. Enjoy a special Meet and Greet with the Grinch himself and his pal Cindy Lou! Make sure to get your holiday stamp and celebrity signature before leaving Whoville.

North Pole Extension

Visit our special North Pole Extension at Holiday in the Ark where you will meet the amazing Endangered Ark Foundation elephants. Be sure to enjoy all the holiday lands and you willl be called by a special ark helper when it is your time for your elephant feeding and interaction! The North Pole would not be complete without the one and only Santa Claus. Visit him in his holiday themed scene straight out of the Claus house. All those who purchase the add on photo experience will be called by group name for their private photo experience and “Santa time”! Admittance into the North Pole Extension will be structures to allow everyone the best experience possible!

Make sure to get a special Holiday in the Ark Stamp from an ele-helper!

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